About Pono

HonInfo’s PONO system offers Personal Order and Notification Online – the simple and cost-efficient system to order background and court searches nationwide.

PONO provides a personal and secure method to place orders and retrieve results for employment checks, civil searches, and due diligence research. Its web-friendly interface means no special software or hardware is required – just an Internet connection.

To use PONO, simply:

  1. Log in and enter your search details.
  2. Submit the request with the click of a button.
  3. View and print results from the system.

You can check the status of the information request at any time, and when available, either review or print the results without waiting for regular business hours in another time zone.

Additional PONO benefits include:

  • streamlined “one-stop shopping” for multiple search requests
  • 24-hour online access
  • free training and support from HonInfo staff (phone or e.mail)
  • password secured access for confidentiality

For more information, or to obtain a PONO login, contact Abhishek Duggal at 808.524.4488. Sign up today and start benefiting from PONO – the online search system designed around you.